Do you want to pack, ship or store your goods absolutely safely? Then use our Sander products for load securing. Thanks to their stability, versatility and easy handling, Sander edge protection and Sanderband® straps have been put to use among all industries for over 150 years. The wishes and requirements of our customers always represent our highest priority. In addition to our standardised products to accomodate individual features in customer orders our ultra-modern machinery allows us to develop special solutions . We also attach great importance to delivery reliability.


Anyone who distributes print media knows that speed is of the highest top priority in the publishing industry. In this regard, the secure packaging of print products must not interrupt the supply chain and must therefore run smoothly. Thanks to the practical Sander edge protection as well as Sanderband® strapping, the printed items are excellently secured on the pallet and damage due to strapping or stretching can be prevented.

METAL and Steel Industry

The metal industry has specific high demands regarding load securing due to the diversity of its products. The particularly sturdy nature of Sanderband® straps makes them suitable for lashing bundling wire, rods, pipes, profiles and many other different building materials. Sander edge protection provides perfect load securing for coils and sheet metal.


Sawn timber, furniture wood, laminates, chipboards, construction timber and MDF and HDF fibreboards – if you need to transport or store wood safely, you are well prepared with Sander products. Sander edge protection prevents damage when strapping or stretching the wood. The material is secured or bundled on pallets with the help of the sturdy Sanderband® straps.


Sander edge protection is the right solution for all building materials that need to be strapped safely. Sander edges are suitable for securing concrete and cement blocks, paving stones and building elements.


Sander edge protection and Sanderband® KB are used for the transport and storage of food and other goods. Sanderband® BP baling strap is the user-friendly solution for the subsequent disposal of packaging.


In logistics and warehousing, cartons, crates and packaging of all kinds must be secured on pallets and prepared for transport every day. Relying on Sanderband® straps and Sander edge protection shields your goods from damage during strapping and secures them for further delivery. I aadition makeing use of the optimally adapted thread structure strap Sandererband® BP for the disposal of cardboard boxes further eliminates all worries about load securing.


Sander round edge protection and other Sander edge protection solutions are commonly used in paper and corrugated board production. They secure coils on the outside as well as in the core and protect pallet goods from damage caused by strapping or stretching. Sanderband® KB straps ensure the goods are safely stored and transported on the pallets.


Balers reduce the volume of your waste by up to 95 percent. This saves valuable space taken up by voluminous packaging materials on your premises.

Our Sanderband® BP baling press tape is used to strap previously pressed bales of recyclable material. The bales are thus securely fastened for transport.


Transport racks are often used for safe and professional Transport, as well as for safe storage of glass panes.

Sander edge protection and Sanderband® securely fix the glass sheets on the transport rack.

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