Sander baling straps for all baling and waste presses

Sander provides the right baling straps for trade and commerce

Sander baling straps are used in all baling presses, e.g. in the food, wholesale and retail trade, by distributors and in general by any companies with a high volume of paper and plastic waste. In the warehouse, the volume of waste is reduced by up to 95 percent using the baling press and the pressed waste is then fastened with suitable baling straps. With its two product lines, Sander provides food retailers and other retailers and tradespeople with the right baling straps for almost any commercially available baling press. Both the Sanderband® BP baling strap and the Sanderband® BPH TopStrap feel soft and can be easily knotted or buckled. Both products are also inexpensive and produced flexibly in terms of length, width and colour.

We can tell you which baling strap is right for your baling press:

on't know which baling strap you need for your baling press? Our services also include providing you with comprehensive advice. Working with baling press manufacturers, we have created a database of all commercially available baling presses together with the right baling straps. Feel free to contact Sander customer service at any time on +49 (0) 2293 91 03 33.

Sander baling straps make life easier for grocery buyers, wholesalers and retailers:

  • Suitable for all baling presses
  • Textile, flexible polyester straps reduce the risk of injury
  • Feels soft and is suitable for tying and knotting
  • Extremely weather-resistant – the volume of wet paper and cardboard, in particular, changes. With Sander baling straps, your waste bundle will still be held together perfectly.
  • Comes with four rolls of baling straps per carton to fit your baling press
  • Cost-effective disposable tape
  • Environmentally-friendly production
  • Complete delivery reliability
  • Available with matching accessories

When should you use Sanderband® BP baling straps to bundle your paper, cardboard and plastic?

  • Sanderband BP is used in companies that focus particularly on climate-friendly production. Sanderband BP is made without hotmelt, using a water-soluble glue instead. This makes it a particularly environmentally-friendly filament structure strap which is suitable for almost any baling press.
  • Sanderband® BP is produced flexibly to meet your specific needs.
    The baling straps are delivered to the trade in practical boxes containing four rolls.
  • The Sanderband® BP baling strap is weather-resistant and even holds wet paper and cardboard together.



When should you use Sanderband® TopStrap BHP baling straps to bundle your paper, cardboard and plastic?

  • Sanderband® BHP TopStrap Hotmelt polyester strap that can be adapted to any need, thanks to its structure.
  • The small core diameter (60mm) of this baling strap ensures that it can be easily stretched and knotted on the balling press.
  • Sanderband® BHP TopStrap can be flexibly produced in linear meters and widths and can also be customised in special colours.



Good reasons for working together with Sander

In premises of 5000 square meters, our modern machine fleet works in three daily shifts to produce baling straps, plastic bands and edge protection. However, Sander Ladungssicherung GmbH is more than just a manufacturer of stable straps and edge protection. For more than 150 years, we have been advising almost all sectors about load securing. Thanks to our experience and expertise, we truly believe we have the right load securing tool for every load:


Your contact person knows the wholesale, retail and grocery trades and knows what challenges distributors are struggling with in distribution centres. Use our knowledge and let us advise you which product you need for your baling press.


We are constantly adapting our stock range of baling straps for you. We can also develop customised baling straps, plastic belts and edge protection in our modern production halls, as required.


As a competent supplier, we are familiar with the production of baling straps, as well as delivery of them to large distribution centres.

Quality control

Our digitised machine park works in a three-shift operation to manufacture baling straps. At the end of a production process, an experienced employee checks that only completely flawless goods leave the warehouse on time.

We'll show you: we offer training and consulting for all product lines via video conference – flexible and simple. Of course, you can also reach us over the phone or we will visit you in person. Need something a bit more concrete? You are welcome order free samples.

Retailers can find more information about Sander baling straps at:

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