With Sander load securing, glaziers can handle any glass transport

The fact that the transport of delicate glass requires special care is certainly self-evident not only for glaziers. Vibrating movements and even small impacts – especially at the corners – can quickly become dangerous and cause the glass to break. Glass plates should therefore always be transported upright. Transport frames are generally used to ensure that glaziers can successfully secure a load of glass plates. The sharp edges of the glass plates are then secured with stable and optionally self-adhesive edge protection which at the same time serves as a buffer between the individual glass plates. Finally, the glass panes are secured to transport frames by means of Sander strapping band.

What should glaziers always ensure when securing a load of glass panes and glass plates?

Glaziers should always ensure that glass does not come into contact with other glass parts and that the transport frames are carefully secured against slipping, even in the event of having to slam the brakes. The following list provides a brief overview of the most important factors to consider for stable load securing:

  • First, think about how you want to secure your glass in general. Do you already have some experience or are operating instructions available?
  • What are the friction values?
  • Do you use anti-slip materials? Does the chosen material fit the load?
  • Do you know how many lashing belts and strapping bands you need to lash down and secure the glass and do they have the necessary prestressing forces and lashing force?
  • Can the lashing points be loaded as required?
  • Do you have sufficient edge protection available? Make sure that the edge protection also functions properly as a protective buffer.
  • If necessary, use film to protect the glass plates from temperature fluctuations and the impact of the weather.
  • When unloading the glass panes, ensure that you never place them on the wall vertically and avoid placing the glass plates on hard ground. The glass should always come to rest softly. Here too, it helps if sufficient edge protection has been provided during transport.

Good reasons why glaziers should rely on Sander load securing for their next glass transport

Sander GmbH has been working with glaziers for many years and has a lot of experience in the development of strapping band and edge protection for load securing of glass transports. Sander edge protection protects against sharp edges and at the same time serves as a buffer between the individual panes. When unloading, the glass panes directly come to rest softly thanks to the edge protection. The strapping band is significantly cheaper than the usual lashing belts, but offers at least as much stability during transport:

RESY guarantees the disposal and material recycling of all transport packaging made of paper and cardboard marked with the RESY symbol.

SANDER edge protection – keeps its shape and fits perfectly.

Custom designs

Sander GmbH Performance in Load Securing will be happy to comply with the special requirements of its customers for cargo securing. The strapping bands can always be adapted with respect to width, running metres, thickness, branding and colour without any problems. Custom edge protection designs are also possible at any time.

Your advantages at a glance:

Easy-to-install edge protection

Affordable strapping band – as strong as steel

Weather-resistant load securing

Environmentally friendly production

Individual designs possible at any time

Buffer zone through stable edge protection

Personal contact with experience in the field of glass transport

Very easy use of strapping band during glass transport with the matching Sander accessories

For the use of strapping bands, glaziers need the suitable accessories in the form of buckles and lashing devices. At Sander you get everything fitting each other from a single source. On time and on the dated stated in the order.

What else you can expect from Sander GmbH in terms of performance in load securing:

With its practical, user-friendly edge protection and strapping band, Sander GmbH Performance in Load Securing has been a reliable supplier for the glass industry as well as for medium-sized and smaller glazier’s shops for many years. Thanks to its experience in working with the glass industry, Sander now produces a modern and extensive range of tools for the securing of glass loads on 5,000 square metres in a three-shift operation.

Awarded the Ecovadis Gold Seal for sustainability and social responsibility, Sander is a valued business partner at all levels, ensuring that the environment is protected as much as possible, both with regard to the production materials used and the production processes themselves. At the same time, customers reduce their own COfootprint when buying a Sander load securing system.

We offer training workshops and advice for all product areas. It goes without saying that you can also request samples at any time.

As a dealer, you can find more information about Sander load securing at:

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